About Us posted by on October 28, 2011

Statements is a full service designer furniture showroom locally owned and operated by designer Kenneth J. Salandra.

Kenn’s passion for antiques, artifacts, and found objects translates into beautiful and luxurious homes with a timeless quality. A desire to move from the San Francisco Bay area to pursue a passion for island living led Kenn to open his own showroom and interior design firm, where he focuses on mixing styles, eras and cultures to create striking, impressive and uncommon environments. As a life long student of the arts, he designs his interior environments with keen interest in integrating antiques and artifacts with modern elements representing today’s lifestyles. Kenn’s designs often reflect a blending of cultural and social diversities:

Asian – Hawaiian – Modern -Traditional. This is tropical living defined.

Kenn has traveled extensively and honed his craft while developing an eye for finding unique treasures and choosing only the best and most unique pieces. He has spent great time selecting and approving suppliers with the right level of refinement for Statements gallery. His knowledge and experience working with clients throughout the Hawaiian Islands has given him a strong perspective in understanding the specific needs and desires of luxury home owners wanting to demonstrate their individual personalities while making a statement with their personal surroundings.

Whether working directly with Kenn as your designer or simply using the resources of Statements and his knowledgeable staff  you will be impressed how your vision takes shape. He and his team are experts at sourcing the right products for any design project. Knowing where to source the best design elements adds creative control and cost advantages to any project.